The Hunt for the Griffin




Marianna Ashton
She comes of a collateral line of the infamous Percy family, which was for several generations involved in plots against the Crown. When she was sixteen years old, she married Roger Ashton, who, due to his participation in the Rebellion of the Northern Earls, was declared a traitor.

Roger Ashton

Marianna's husband. In 1569 he took part in the rebellion of the Earls of Northumberland and Westmorland and since its suppression has lived in exile on the continent.

Nathaniel Ashton

Marianna and Roger Ashton's eight-year-old son. He was placed under the charge of a guardian, appointed by the government after his mother lost custody of her son because she is the wife of a traitor.

Henry Fleetwood

Marianna's uncle, a Catholic gentleman, who owns a townhouse in London and extensive lands in Yorkshire, where Kirkby Hall, the Fleetwoods' family estate is also situated.

Thomas Fleetwood

Henry Fleetwood's son

Katherine Fleetwood

Henry Fleetwood's daughter

James Danvers

A friend of the Fleetwood family. He frequents the royal court and enjoys the Queen's favour.

Henry Cleaton

A friend and neighbour of the Fleetwoods

Dr. Augustine Fraser

Physician and alchemist, a frequent guest at the Fleetwoods' house


Marianna's maid

Christopher Stevenson

Marianna's servant

John Buskell

An agent in the service of Sir Francis Walsingham

George Sutton

Secretary of Lord Huntingdon, President of the Council in the North

David Langdale

Justice of the Peace and neighbour of the Fleetwoods in Yorkshire.