Fool's Child)

A Restoration Whodunit
Sandra Lessmann
in 2012

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Taschenbuch, ca. 528 Seiten
Erscheinungsdatum bei Knaur: 03.02.2012
ISBN: 3-426-63646-8
ISBN-13: 978-3-426-63646-6
Verlag: Knaur TB, Preis: EUR 8,99


Fool's Child

England 1667

One warm July evening in 1667 the merchant Peter Standish stumbled into the shop of surgeon Alan Ridgeway with a deep dog bite in his arm. While trying to save his sister Elena from an unhappy marriage, Standish had become the victim of a malicious attack. In his desperate worry about Elena he asks Alan and the Jesuit priest Jeremy Blackshaw for help. Soon the friends discover a terrible family secret, which leads them into the dark world of early psychiatry.