Das Jungfrauenspiel
(The Hunt for the Griffin)

Sandra Lessmann

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Gebundene Ausgabe
September 2007
Hardcover ISBN: 3-426-19766-9
ISBN-13: 978-3-426-19766-0
Verlag: Droemer, Preis: EUR 16,90


Greifenjagd (The Hunt for the Griffin)
England 1583

The Throckmorton Plot is keeping the ministers at the court of Elizabeth I in a state of anxiety. Sir Francis Walsingham, the Queen’s spymaster has the exiled Roger Ashton kidnapped and interrogated in the Tower of London. He believes that Ashton knows the identity of an infamous spy – “the Griffin”.
At the same time Ashton’s wife Marianna secretly travels to England to fetch her son Nathaniel, who is living at the house of a guardian, appointed by the government. Walsingham has her arrested, but offers her a deal. She can buy back her liberty and have her son returned to her, if she spies on her uncle Henry Fleetwood, because Walsingham suspects the Griffin to be a member of his household. Marianna accepts – and soon finds herself in mortal danger.


Auch als Hörbuch erschienen bei Lagato
(Audiobook / Audio CD - September 2007)
6 Audio-CDs, von Sandra Lessmann und Elke Schützhold

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