The King's Judges

A Restoration Whodunit
Sandra Lessmann

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release date : August 2005
published by Knaur
ISBN: 3426629607

The book is only available in German at
the present time (from 1 August, 2005)


London at the time of the Restoration.

Jeremy Blackshaw, surgeon and physician, has given up his medical career to follow a religious vocation. As a Catholic priest he can only do his work clandestinely, because Catholics are prosecuted in England. Yet he has true friends he can always rely on: the surgeon Alan Ridgeway, a charming lady-killer, and Lady Amoret St. Clair, mistress of King Charles II.
A series of murders of some of the leading English advocates spreads fear among the judiciary. After saving the judge Sir Orlando Trelawney from an assassination attempt, Jeremy offers to help in the hunt for the killer. The trail leads him into the notorious Newgate prison to a young Irishman called Breandán, a former mercenary, who hates the English. There are more murders, and suspicion falls on Breandán.
Then the Great Plague breaks out in London.