Die Sündentochter
(The midwife's daughter)

A Restoration Whodunit
Sandra Lessmann

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release date: April 2006
published by Droemer/Knaur
ISBN: 3426629690

The book is only available in German at the present time (from 1 April, 2006)


London in 1666

One snowy February evening Sir Orlando Trelawney, judge of the King’s Bench, is witness to the cold-blooded murder of a midwife. His man-servant saves her daughter Anne from suffering the same fate. In view of the apparently senseless deed Sir Orlando turns to his friend, the priest and former physician Jeremy Blackshaw for advice. Their investigations put them on the trail of a ruthless killer, who stops at nothing to preserve a dark secret.
When the Great Fire throws London into chaos, solving the riddle seems almost impossible. But then Jeremy himself becomes a hunted man.

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